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£9.50 / month and a £28.50 sign-up fee

NoFli Standard

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£7.50 / month and a £15.00 sign-up fee

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Product Description

The innovatively designed, British-made NoFli Compact Unit. Great looking, light, easy to fit & service.

Replaces the dirty, unsafe Zapper products

A supply of glue boards allowing you to service the NoFLi unit every month. It is fully recyclable, non-toxic and It only takes 5 seconds to change a glue board!

Bulbs – High quality energy efficient bulbs with an optimum UV light output of 365 Nannometres – proven to be effective at attracting insects.

One NoFli unit cover approximately 80m2, Perfect for all establishments such as Take-Aways, Café’s, Butchers, Bakers etc.