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Earn money by becoming a NoFli Partner


The NoFli innovation. Its minimalistic, contemporary design and features break the mould and change the way we think about fly control forever.

No-Fli as an Income Generator

Earn a constant residual income from replacement-part sales to your franchisees

The ecologically sound approach to insect eradication in food areas.

The NoFli Compact is the most effective way to eradicate flying insects. The quiet, slim-line glue board system tackles all the issues presented to food retailers every day by the outdated zapper. It is lightweight, aesthetic and discreet

Mounting – The NoFli Pro can be both wall mounted, suspended or free-standing

Appearance – The slim, innovative design of the NoFli Pro makes it a discreet alternative to a zapper. With decorative fronts to shield dead flies and complement décor.

Hygiene – Recent scientific research has proven that zappers cause bacteria and pathogens from the fly to be released into the atmosphere for up to 7 feet from the unit. The NoFli Pro unit eradicates the spread of disease and contamination.

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Servicing – The NoFli Pro can be serviced in 5 seconds, which is a lot more convenient that the usual 1 hour for a zapper.

Safety – There is no fire risk with a NoFli Pro unit

Quality – Manufactured in the UK from high quality components. The NoFli Pro benefits from a 3-year extended warranty.

Lamps – High quality energy efficient bulbs with an optimum UV light output of 365 Nannometres – proven to be effective at attracting insects.

Silent – unobtrusive and quiet

Environment – Our glue-board glue consists only of carbon and hydrogen. It is chemically inert and ecologically sound (recommended by Greenpeace). It is fully recyclable and non-toxic.

The NoFli Compact has a reach of 52m²

Looks are everything

The Nofli’s sleek design and aesthetic facia means it can discreetly sit front of house. It allows for both up and down light – maximising the UV catch area. Perfectly discreet and pleasing on the eye, in either a stainless steel or ABS finish.

Bespoke branding

We can add your brand logo to the front of the unit, allowing you to strengthen your brand image across all your sites. Letting your members and customers know that best practice and an ecological approach is high on your agenda.

Keeping standards high

We offer several care packages to customers, complete with reminders when their parts are due for service and replacement. Our high standards mean that your high standards are maintained.

Want to earn money by becoming a NoFli Partner? Get in touch.

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