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Why Buy a Glue Board Unit?

It’s time to stand up and stand out against the imported zappers!

Elimination of insect explosion caused by zappers
Much easier to service – 5 second service
Higher catch rate

Higher level of discretion
Silent and odourless catch
Low-cost replacements

Lifetime Guarantee

When you subscribe to a care plan

No-Fli is the best, most hygienic commercial fly control unit on the market

The NoFli innovation. Its minimalistic, contemporary design breaks the mould and changes the way we think about fly control forever. Safe. Silent. Discreet.

The No-Fli Glue Boards

A stress free service – you never have to think about insect eradication again. We will let you know when things need to be re-ordered or changed.

The NoFli Large

The NoFli is the most effective way to eradicate flying insects. The quiet, slim-line glue board system tackles all the issues presented to food retailers every day by the outdated zapper.

NoFli Standard

The innovatively designed, British-made NoFli Compact Unit. Great looking, light, easy to fit & service.

The easy, low-cost way to ensure food-hygiene compliance Effective eradication of flying insects for the entire life of the unit

Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to ensure each of our products our manufactured to the highest standard for our customers.

To wall mount the unit, drill two screws into the wall (ideally two metres up from the ground) and mount the unit by positioning it onto the screws using the base brackets – optimum height is between 3ft and 5ft

To desk/surface mount the unit, simply stand the unit on it’s rubber feet on a flat surface

Note – the unit should be stored in the darkest part of the room so do not position the unit close to any windows or sources of light and away from any air vents and air conditioning

The glue board should be changed every four weeks in order to prevent the drying of the glue and ensure maximum efficiency for your unit

The bulbs should be changed every 9 months as the UV output deteriorates after that period

If you are signed up to one of our care plans, this will be taken care of for you, alternatively, you can purchase them on our website

If you are signed up to one of our care plans, this will be taken care of for you, alternatively, you can call 0800 0834701 to purchase directly from us

If there is a fault with your unit call 0800 0834701 to speak to a member of our team

If you sign up to one of our care plans you will automatically receive an unlimited warranty on the unit whilst the care plan is active, meaning you will never need to purchase another fly killer.

Our Video Presentation

Find out more about the No-Fli system and how it works with our easy to follow video.