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About Us

No-Fli is the best, most hygienic commercial fly control unit on the market


The NoFli is the most effective way to eradicate flying insects. The quiet, slim-line glue board system tackles all the issues presented to food retailers every day by the outdated zapper


No-Fli is a community committed to hygienically eradicating the use of high voltage electronic zappers in commercial food premises.

It is 100% proven fact that using a “zapper” insect killer can spread bacteria up to 7m into the surrounding area. Making this type of product dangerous and dirty in a food preparation or serving environment!

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No Fli manufacturing

Quality & Design

No-Fli is a Quality British made product that has been developed to kill flies using easy to service glueboards that are more hygienic and kill more than old fashioned zappers! (you cant hear them dying and there is no smell from the frying aspect too!!!!)

This No-Fli Website is user friendly which is designed to ensure the registration and order process is simplified.

Why Choose NoFli

To maximise your NO-Fli product we have created the No-Fli club and from only 90p per week you are guaranteed a great catch and a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!

This makes your NO-Fli the greenest electrical product in your kitchen and the best value commercial insect killer on the Market!

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Include the innovative NoFli pro system as part of your service provision to eradicate flying insects
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